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Tribes of Matu
In Matu tribes contain; Batu, Thaiphum, Nga Leng, Langle, Oei Thang, Kui Hon, Ngatu, Lengtin, Piltun, Hnamhon, Wethoo, Hlatan Tribes.

Batu Tribes
Matupi town was formerly known as Batupuei and it was a combination of Batu, which is a tribal name, and “Puei” means “Great”. Thus later, Batupuei meaning “Batu the great,” was called "Matupi" though its surrounding villages are still called Batupi. Among the Matu tribes the LUNG HANG Ethnic groups, which includes Batu, Thaiphum, and Lungngo. Lungngo was the most populous. Thus, the history of the Matu tribes is based upon there three groups.
A man, called Lung Hang, came from the northern Chin Hills and arrived at Maihal mountain and settled there. His sons were Batu the eldest, Lungngo the second and Thaiphum the youngest. After they had settled down for some years, his sons became grown up and all got married. On the day of dividing the inheritance he tested his sons' abilities making them trend a bow and send an arrows at the Cang Bung Kung (Banyan tree). Only after that they would receive theirs inheritance and be allowed to found village and go in search green pastures.
The youngest son, Thaiphum shot at the lower part of the tree and was provided his inheritance, and he chose to settle in Lunghang village where fertile land was. The eldest son, Batu shot at the middle part of the tree, and the second son, Lungngo Shot at the upper part. They were then provided their inheritance and there they were founding a village for 500 years ago. This village was named Hakha from a northern Chin Lunghang village. The Maihel Mountain is situated between Hung lei village in the present Zothung land and Maiphum villages in the Matu Land . The evidence of the original Lunghang village was found in the ownership of land by the tree planted.
Three sons were born to him namely, Batu, Lungngo and Thaiphum. They made the choice to settle wherever they wanted to live. Batu, the first son, went to the southern part and settle at a place called Padaep in Nga leng village. After sometime they moved to the present Matupi or Batupui, Batu ( Ngala). Ngala is not a tribe's name. Ngala is the place name (Ngala sok) when Batu lived in there. Village which gradually grew in numbers and become a big village. That is why Batu village is called Batupuei or Matupi.
The second son, Lungngo went to the eastward and settled there founding a village, which he named after himself. This village is located in the present Zotung land. Henceforth the clan came to be known as Lung Ngo Ting Paw.
In 1922 the British arrived at the southern Chin; the called Batupui, and according to geographical maps they mentioned Batupui or Matupi. When Matupui became the biggest village in Matu Land, the British Navy arrived at Matupi in 1922, and settled there for some seasons, after the independence of Burma (1948) Matupi became a big township in the southern Chin Hills (now Chin State).
Batu tribes are the descendants of Batu who built and settled at Batu village. The tribe was migrated from Hakha township, the northern part of Matupi. Nowadays, in the four wards of Matupi, there live the clans of Zung Poeih, Lai Thang, Tui Muk, Rhing Uet, Tak Luem, Than Tuep, Man Rhing, Tak Nan, Thang Hul, Ra Loek, Sam Pok, Tlung Maa, Thang Kheing and Oei Toe. They speak the same Language, Batu (Ngala).
Thai Phum Tribes
Thai Phong tribes are related to Batu. They are living in the seven villages called Tang Ku, Reng Kheng, Am Lai, Pa Kheng, Lui Van, Boi Ring, Dai Hnaan. They speak in Thai Phong language.
Nga Leng Tribes
Nga Leng tribes are migrated through HaKha township, that is the northern part of Matupi. They are living around the five villages called Nga Leng, Boi Thia, Khua Ngang, Sai Lo, Thi Oel. They speak in Nga Leng Language.
Lang Le Tribes
Lang Le tribes also are migrated through HaKha township that is the northern part of Matupi. They are spreading around the six villages called Ka Ce, Ti Baw, Ki Hlueng, Ra Dwi, An Law, Lung Hlaw. They speak in Lang Le Language.
Oei Thang Tribes
Oei Thang tribes are migrated from Kan Gaw township that is the eastern part of Matupi. They are spreading around the 8-villages; namely Pha Naing, Thi Coeng, Ba Naing, Sawng Thia, Lung Tum, Khua Bel, Thang Pueng, Bung Hung. They speak in Pha Naing.
Kui Hon Tribes
Kui Hon tribes are migrated from Thi Lin township that is the eastern part of Matupi. Nowadays, they are spreading around the 14 villages called Va Lang Pi, Va Pung, Va Lang Te, La Lui, Vang Kai, Lei Sin, Thi Boi, Cang Tak, Lung Pang, Ca Ki, Law, E Makung, Va Thling, Ka Laa. They speak in Va Lang.
Nga Tuu Tribes
Nga Tuu are migrated from Thi Lin township that is the eastern part of Matupi. Nowadays, they are spreading around the 4-villages;Ting Lawng, Le Ring, Awk La, Ba Naing. They speak in Nga Tu language.
Lengtin, Piltun, Hnamhon, Wethoo, Hlatan Tribes
They are migrated from Thi Lin township that is the eastern part of Matupi. And now they live in Hlang Pang/Hlui Pan, Hal Tu, Ram Tuem, Hmun Tung, VuiTu, Hnaw Te(1), Hnaw te(2). They speak in their particular languages.